To dream means looking through the horizon.
(African Saying)

photographer: Zun Lee, Toronto

How would it be
to walk over water
to be on places, you have never been before
to meet people, you only have dreamed of......

Sometimes there is  simply not enough time in our life for doing everything you've always wanted to do. But in your head, there is the freedom for your phantasy. Neither time nor space nor laws are setting a border for our imagination. There will be no limit....

Dream your dream

You are invited to be active to create  dreams. Day Dreams is a platform for creative people, who meet here to exchange their ideas and thoughts and meet to realize a project. Forseesense, the production company, is providing help in realizing different kind of projects, which you are invited to send to us. Together with you we would like to produce your day dream. Please send us your idea and work, so that we can start a co-operation and exchange. Each gengre is possible, film, documentation, photography or a written text...

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