We realized already several different DAYDREAMS  in different co-operations and in different Countries. Our dreams traveled to Brazil, India, Poland…


Christmas Fairy Tale

"Who the hell is Santa Claus?"

We follow this question in our  Christmas story:

In many local stores various Santas are established,

while in the city they are building the annual Christmas market.

On one of this Christmas market will take place our little Christmas miracle: A girl chooses a grumpy fortune seller to be the unwanted Santa. As much as he rebells against it and shaved his white beard, even more the children point at him to be the Santa Claus.  But in the end the little girl is convincing the seller of his part to be Santa Claus (Father Christmas) and she will be able to disenchants him the lost smile ...

Our shooting in Papenburg went very well. Thank you to the whole town for being a fantastic host and for the wonderful location, the Christmas Market.
director / screenplay: Ansgar Ahlers
DoP: Klemens Becker
Cast: Uli Krohm, Anabelle Beeko, George Lenz, Petra Preuß, Falko Glomm
photographer: Matthias Pöttker
Thank you very much for all the support of Papenburg. It was a great working together between the coordinators  of the Christmas Market and all the people who took part as Extras in the film. 
I would also thank you very much the whole crew of the production team.
Taxi to Daydream

Different Countries – Different people – but a same daydream: A taxi travels between Sao Paulo (Brasil) and Kiel (Germany). What happens if you get unexpected a very short look into another part of the world? … realized with the support of the Favelas in San Paulo in co - operation with Germany

Cast: Pierre Semmler, Guntbert Warns and DoP: Isabella Parkinson
Director: Ansgar Ahlers
Preview: Sao Paulo
Award:„TV cultura price“.

DAYDREAMS DVD (available) 

Wedding Daydream

What are the bride and groom dreaming about in those last moments in front of the altar, before their lives change forever?

Suddenly three beautiful dream-girls appear behind the priest.
The groom gets increasingly nervous … 

"Wedding Daydreams" is the first short film of the planned series of shorts for the multimedia-project.

This film project was supported by local companies and a foundation by OLB. 100 Extras from the area were playing wedding guest.

Cast: Anneke Kim Sarnau, George Lenz, Hans Peter Korff, Evelyn Meyka
DoP: Uta Kargel
Director: Ansgar Ahlers

shown at 35 international festivals such as:  Sao Paulo, Bratislava, Prag, London, Brüssel, Rom, Kopenhagen, Buenos Aires, Uppsala

awards: 2005: Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Preis 

Daydreams to Fly (on exhibition)

„Everybody of us did dream about to fly....:
… to fly by yourself… to fly in a plain …
to fly to places on earth where you never have been…
or you just let to fly things …“

forseesense interfilm